Course Capsule: The course consists of theory and practical revelation on Energy flows and suppliers, Energy basics (Units, measurements, etc.), Global and Domestic energy demand, Energy inputs and Outputs in Agricultural Products, Energy sources, Energy flow in production process, Energy auditing, Energy conservation.

Course ILOs: After completion of the course student will be able to: 

  • Explain input and output of Agriculture products in relation to energy basis. 
  • Analyze the energy demanding systems of farm and their energy consumption. 
  • Explain the importance of aware with the energy demanding units of farms based on energy auditing practices.
  • Explain about energy measuring units and their conversions. 
  • Discuss about energy types, applications and conversions. 
  • Apply energy calculation formula at energy auditing practices.
  • Explain the energy input and output of buildings and production premises and water pumps
  • Describe about energy wasting points of buildings. 
  • Explain the purpose and functions of energy auditing equipment. 
  • Apply the energy auditing methodologies for energy audit.

Total number of Credits and Contact Hours: (2 credits :15T+30P)

Teaching Panel : Prof. P L A G Alwis (CC), Ms. C P Rupasinghe, Mr. KMTS Bandara, Mr. PP Ruwanpathirana