Orientation Courses

This course aims at developing the competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English by means of various interactive activities which enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situation while using the language effectively for study purposes in their degree programme.

Computer Awareness (CC1002) is a compulsory course which covers the basic theoretical and practical components that required for using a computer in order to achieve basic ICT related functionalities in effective manner. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office environment are mainly used as software environment.

This course has developed to improve the mathematical skills of the students who are coming from the biological science background. The course reviews the basic mathematical skills in the fields of algebra, geometry and trigonometry  at the beginning. Then the principles of differentiation, limits, maxima and minima, and integration are discussed. Finally the uses of mathematical tools in agriculture and allied fields will be practiced.

Career Development and Active Citizen (CC1005) is a noncredit course in the orientation. This is a compulsory course for the newcomers in the BSc Hons in Agriculture Resource Management and Technology, BSc Hons in Agribusiness Management and BSc Hons in Green Technology degree programs